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  1. Worth of Souls
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Written by Paul Cardall, Joshua Waldron, ℗ Works by Stone Angel Music


You gave me wings to fly above
The crowded streets
where there’s no love
You gave me ways to figure out
What this life is all about
You let me hear your voice
that softly speaks
Guiding me and gives me peace
You let me make my own mistakes
So I can learn just what it takes
I will love the best I know
Thank you for the ways I grow
Showing me the place where I can stay

I will not forget
You gave Your life for me
Not a gift to small to recognize
Standing at your door
you give your hand to me
The worth of souls is great in Your eyes

This life you’ve given me
Sure has tasted sweet
Now I know through all the noise
I sing out loud you hear my voice
I feel that I’ve been blessed
beyond my needs