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  1. Push and Pull
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Written by Emily Bea, ℗ Works by Stone Angel Music


There I stood as the call came
leave our home for a new place.
On faith alone
we packed up all our things.
A thousand miles we will walk,
Roads unknown and I thought,
"We're never gonna make it
on our own"

So I prayed to my God,
"Help us now as we walk,
give us strength to keep moving on”
As we pushed and we pulled
down a long distant road,
I felt a breeze helping me along,
like the strength of a brother,
I couldn't see another
I felt a hand
lift me from the ground,
when no one was found
Heavenly strength guiding my feet
As we pushed and pulled.

There I stood as the wind
came blowing in
I felt my knees shakes
Watched my father
and my brothers leave
We stood in silence as they walked, disappeared, and I thought
"We're never gonna make it
up this hill"


There was help along,
the strength of a brother,
my Savior, my Father
I felt your hand lift me
from the ground