Paul Cardall Offers Fans Two Unique Versions Of New Album Project

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10.29.2021 | Jessie Clarks

Award-winning pianist and composer Paul Cardall is scheduled to release two unique versions of his much-anticipated upcoming instrumental project December. On December 3, the famed pianist will release, both a digital and physical version of the album and it will feature piano with string ensemble. Then, on December 10, a solo piano version will be available in digital only format. 

Both versions of the album feature 14 tracks in a minimalist classical style, and all are original compositions by Cardall, with the exception of “Hush, Little Baby.” The pianist takes listeners on a journey from the rise of a new moon in September through the New Year. 

One of the biggest streaming artists of our time, Cardall is a Dove Award-winning musician, composer and producer, whose music has been streamed over 3 billion times. He has had 11 #1 Billboard  albums, and is one of the highest streamed artists in the world with 30 million monthly listeners from more than 160 countries and has 2.8 million subscribed fans to his various social media platforms. 

“My goal with this record was to be alone with an imperfect, upright, somewhat out of tune piano,” explains Cardall. “I normally play a Steinway, but I first saw this piano in the studio when I was recording my last album The Broken Miracle. That day I sat down to play it and it reminded me of myself—somewhat broken. I began improvising and based on my experience in that moment, the piano began producing almost perfect soothing sounds. When it came time to record this album, I returned to that piano. I lit the studio with just one light that sat atop the piano. For the next several hours I improvised and created songs from start to finish. I repeated this process the next day. Leaving the studio, I felt somewhat devastated believing that this idea might have been a failure. But my audio engineer sent me the recordings and as I was listening, I noticed something different. My minimalist classical style had emerged and the beauty of it filled my ears. What I learned through the process was that all we need is someone with vision who sees the potential in the beauty of our brokenness.” 

In the two decades Cardall has been recording, his style and technique have evolved into a modern Classical style. Each composition has a concise structure, simple compositional techniques, manageable technical requirements and basic harmonies. His pieces offer thought-provoking melodies and feature simple yet powerful string accompaniments. 

Cardall’s collaborators on December, the full version, includes Giles Reaves (programming), Gideon Klein (cello), and Josee Weigand (string arrangements/violin/viola). 


September Winds 

Beyond the Wall 

New Moon Rising 

First Snow 

Sleeping Flowers 


Advent Prayer 

Leaving Nazareth 

Hush, Little Baby (The Mocking Bird Song) 

Hearts of The Children 

Hearts of The Fathers 


Our Beating Hearts 

A New Year

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