Paul's music is a touch of the divine.”

— Seth Adam Smith, Huffington Post


Chart Topping Artist Paul Cardall Produces A Path to Healing 

NASHVILLE – April 10, 2018 -- On April 27 an unusual album project will be released. Titled Worth of Souls this unique combination of artists and songs will be a “prescription for people who are struggling with depression, or a feeling of being lost.” That is how world-renowned pianist, composer and producer, Paul Cardall describes the project. Cardall is currently one of the most successful independent artists having garnered 3 #1 albums on the Billboard charts. Now with more than 2 BILLION lifetime digital streams, he currently averages over 25 million streams monthly. Trevor Price is co-producing Worth of Souls, which is being released on Cardall’s Stone Angel Music label.

“This album is a tool—a medication—to help people feel something hopeful,” Cardall states. “Millions of youths and adults are suffering. So many have given up. I’ve had several friends who have taken their lives and it hurts. The whole purpose of Worth of Souls is to reignite that fire that once burned so deeply in us.”

Pained by the fact that so many humans become unattached and revert to suicide as their only option, and informed as to the enormous benefit that music has to offer people suffering from depression, Cardall felt compelled to create an album project that would illustrate to listeners that they have a huge value—that they have worth. “We all experience doubt and anxiety and some of us even depression,” Cardall comments. “Worth of Souls plants seeds of faith and aims to restore confidence in ourselves and our ability to let go and let something greater than ourselves, even God, manage our lives.” 

Worth of Souls features 13 handpicked contemporary Christian songs, by an array of award-winning artists, to convey a heartfelt message to each listener. The project features performances by Kenz Hall, Jordan Moyes, Ashley Hess, Ellee Duke, Charley Jenkins, Sierra Lauren, Jordan Moyes, Jim Daneker, Trevor Price, Ashley Hess, Justin Williams and Emily Bea.

The singers, songwriters, producers and musicians were bound by a common goal.  Singer/songwriter Sierra Lauren explains, “The Worth of Souls project is a group of artists who have come together to remind everyone that listens, that God is there.  I believe the worth of souls is priceless.” Adding to that, American Idol contestant Kenz Hall says, “We’ve always heard the phrase ‘where words fail, music speaks,’ and I truly believe that.” 

Pre-orders for Worth of Souls are ongoing. The star-studded project has already hit #6 on the Amazon charts and on iTunes has hit the Top 10 out of 150 new releases. 

Cardall’s current solo album project, A New Creation, debuted at #1 on the Billboard New Age charts and #2 on Billboard’s Classical (crossover) album chart. 

Stone Angel Music was founded in 1999 by Paul Cardall. It is an independent, award-winning record label and premiere Steinway & Sons recording studio. The label has released and charted multiple artists in Billboard, including cellist Steven Sharp Nelson (now of The Piano Guys), pianist Jason Lyle Black, guitarist Ryan Tilby, composer Shane Mickelsen, Ryan Stewart and Camille Nelson. Stone Angel Music albums are distributed by CDBaby Pro, Alliance Entertainment, and Deseret Book Distributors.



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