100% Indie Artist Shares How He Got 2 Billion Streams

Paul Cardall is a poster boy for the modern music industry. This truly independent artist - he owns all of his own publishing and masters - is a three time No. 1 Billboard New Age chart topper with more than 2 billion lifetime digital streams of his catalog of over 300 songs and averaging 25 million monthly streams on Pandora alone. 

This recent Music Biz Association panel features indie artist Paul Cardall and his team discuss his wildly successful business, the process he went through to build a sustainable career in the streaming era and the model for other artists to find sustainable income on the streaming platforms. 

The panel: 

Garrison Snell (Team Gyrosity) https://gyrosityprojects.co/ 
Chris Robley (CDBABY) https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/ 
Jonathan Barnes (PANDORA) http://www.pandora.com/paul-cardall 
Paul Cardall - http://PaulCardall.com