Paul Cardall: The Healing Power of Music and Compassion

Paul Cardall's music is a bridge to tranquility and spiritual introspection. As Forbes aptly puts it, "His music creates an atmosphere where you can unwind, ponder, meditate. It can help people access spiritual feelings and peaceful emotions." With over 3 billion lifetime streams, Paul Cardall is an acclaimed Dove Award-winning musician, composer, and producer whose work spans across the realms of Classical, Christian, and New Age music.

Recognized by Steinway & Sons as one of the world's premier pianists, Paul has achieved remarkable success throughout his career. His 11 No. 1 Billboard albums and a monthly listenership of 30 million establish him as one of the most cherished recording artists of our time.

However, Paul's journey goes beyond musical achievements. Born with only half a heart, he underwent life-saving surgeries from infancy and received a heart transplant in 2009. This experience has given him profound empathy for those facing chronic illness and their families. It became his life's mission to craft healing piano music that soothes both physically and emotionally.

In 1999, Paul founded Stone Angel Music, an independent record label dedicated to producing and distributing his heartfelt recordings. His collaboration with Narada, an affiliate of Virgin Records, further expanded his reach, notably with albums like "The Christmas Box" and "The Looking Glass."

Paul's music has touched hearts in profound ways, most notably during the Oklahoma City bombing memorial ceremonies, where families played his music as they honored their lost loved ones. His album "Miracles: A Journey of Hope and Healing" was inspired by this solemn event.

Over the years, Paul continued to create music that resonates deeply with his audience, including albums like "Primary Worship," "The Hymns Collection," and "Living for Eden." His 2011 release, "New Life," even claimed the top spot on the Billboard New Age chart.

In the world of film, Paul composed the music for "Ephraim's Rescue," showcasing his versatility as a composer. He also produced albums with a powerful message, like "Worth of Souls" and "Sunday," addressing issues such as suicide and depression.

"Christmas," released in 2018, earned him a Dove Award for Instrumental Album of The Year, further solidifying his status as a prolific artist. And in August 2019, "Peaceful Piano" marked a reflection on his life's decade-long journey with a donor heart.

Paul's philanthropic endeavors are equally remarkable. He partners with organizations like The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and has established scholarships for students affected by congenital heart disease. He also served on the Board of Governors for Operation Underground Railroad, fighting human trafficking and child exploitation.

Paul Cardall's extraordinary musical journey continues with his latest album, "Return Home." This introspective masterpiece consists of 13 improvisational piano pieces, a departure from his usual compositional approach. Each track is a cinematic voyage through the landscapes of his European heritage.

In his personal life, Paul shares a deep connection with his wife Tina, whose parents hails from Slovenia. Together, they returned to his mother in law Christine Molek's homeland in 2016, inspiring compositions like "Ljubljana - Heart of Slovenia" and "Castles and Cathedrals."

With "Return Home," Paul Cardall invites you to join him on a journey through history and heritage, a testament to the power of music to connect us to our past. 

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