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    We Are All Worth Rescuing: Paul Cardall & Charles Martin 

    JESUS CALLING (30 Million Copies Sold)

    (Previous guests include; Matthew McConaughey, Chris Tomlin, PBS Rick Steves, Kari Jobe, Lecrae, and more)


    We Are All Worth Rescuing: Paul Cardall & Charles Martin – Episode #246 

    Narrator: Welcome to the Jesus Calling Podcast. Sometimes situations in life are beyond our control, and when we’re faced with impossible circumstances that begin to close in on us and maybe even threaten our very existence, we can cling to the hope that God will deliver us and heal us, just as David prayed in the book of Psalms 32:7: You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. 

    Pianist Paul Cardall was born with half a heart and faced years of heart surgeries before receiving a transplant that changed his life forever. Author Charles Martin was inspired by the Biblical story of the shepherd who left his ninety-nine sheep to rescue the one who had gone astray, which inspired his book, The Water Keeper. 

    We’ll begin our episode with Paul’s story.

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    All Heart with Paul Cardall” Interviews Actor Noah James for Special Easter Episode 


    Actor Noah James joins Paul Cardall’s “All Heart” podcast for a special Easter episode sponsored by the online counseling service BetterHelp where they talk about James’ role as St. Andrew on the crowdfunded biblical show “The Chosen,” his journey to becoming an actor and his thoughts on life and finding joy. 

    Coming into its second season, “The Chosen” is a show created by Dallas Jenkins who has also been a guest on Cardall’s show that promotes “seeing Jesus through the eyes of those who knew Him.”


    Laura Bell Bundy Talks Women’s Rights, Spirituality and Motherhood on “All Heart with Paul Cardall 



    Tony-nominated actress, singer and women’s rights activist Laura Bell Bundy joins Paul Cardall’s “All Heart” podcast to chat all things Bundy and women-related including her own personal career path, being a new mother and the long history of women’s oppression. 

    Getting her start on the soap opera “Guiding Light” Bundy explains how she eventually dropped out of NYU to pursue a career as an actress and singer seriously.

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    Paul Cardall Shares His Extraordinary Life in ‘The Broken Miracle’ 


    February 8, 2021

    Pianist and composer Paul Cardall has been incredibly prolific, and on February 5 he added to his discography with The Broken Miracle, which he reckons is his 22nd studio release. This one is special, though, because it is “probably my most vulnerable project of my career. It’s a culmination of everything I’ve been through. This is a reflection back on my journey,” he says, calling from his Nashville home. 

    Cardall certainly has led an extraordinary life. “I was born with only half a heart,” he says, which meant that he was not expected to live for long. Cardall has beaten those odds—but this meant he had to endure a childhood largely spent in hospitals. As an adult, he has undergone a heart transplant. Still, despite such daunting obstacles, he has built a successful career, becoming one of the most-played artists on Pandora (with 2.4 billion streams on that platform to date). 

    Cardall’s story is so compelling that there is an additional aspect to this project: “[The album] accompanies the novel that’s been written about my journey. It’s a fictional story based on real people and real events in my life,” Cardall says. This book—also titled The Broken Miracle—came out on February 2. “It’s a way for my audience to experience the things I’ve been through that I’ve drawn inspiration from.” To ensure that the subject matter was handled correctly, Cardall brought in his longtime friend, bestselling author J.D. Netto.

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    Paul Cardall Releases ‘The Broken Miracle’ Album & Book 


    Staff | February 5, 2021 

    Nashville, TN (February 3, 2021) 
    Christian music songwriter and producer—and former Mormon—Paul Cardall, has announced the upcoming release of his newest album, as well as a new book. 

    The new album, The Broken Miracle, is a memoir type album, following the story of his life and it’s based on the biographical fiction novel of the same name, which was written by J.D. Netto, the book will be released on February 2, with the album following on February 5. 

    Paul posted this statement on FB back in October of 2020: 
    “I’m usually very private about my faith because I respect each of you who come from a variety of Christian denominations, and those who are faithful in their Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and even some of my Atheist and Agnostic friends. I respect your journey as you’ve respected mine. 

    As a Christian, there comes a time in our lives when we can no longer deny a spiritual transformation that occurs in our lives as we honestly, humbly, and submissively seek answers and healing from God. 

    Over the past decade, my life has dramatically shifted away from Mormonism towards Christ. Growing up I believed in Jesus and knew Him because I relied on Him desperately with every illness. I give God the credit for guiding my medical team on raising me from the dead, temporarily like Lazarus, and fixing me though organ donation. Jesus changed my heart literally and began changing my heart spiritually these past few years. 

    The law of Moses was fulfilled and yet for 45 years I’ve continued to read the law and participate in rituals with a symbolic veil over my eyes (2 Corinthians 3:15). Like Saul, I was ambitious in declaring boldly that I knew it all…but that’s a whole other conversation. Needless to say, like Saul I, too, was blind and I apologize. 

    I love you all so much. 

    If you are interested in pursuing a life filled with sincere healing—free from judgement in a world where Jesus asked the woman caught in the very act of adultery, “Where are thine accusers?” “None, Lord.” “Then neither do I condemn thee” come with me. Where Jesus waited to mentor a woman at the well He knew was living with a man who wasn’t her husband, whoever was forever changed by that one by one encounter, then come. And to many more misfits, outcasts, moths, who were rejected by the Church of His day, that He encountered and healed, come let’s follow this Jesus. He is my God and He wants to be your God. All are welcome to the table. Come with me, let’s go follow Him and encounter all those in need of healing, compassion, mercy, and love. None are rejected. Know the truth and this truth, which is Jesus, will set you Free… I testify of this—I am free.” — Paul Cardall



    Ty Herndon Joins Paul Cardall on All Heart to Discuss Mental Health in the Industry


    Ty Herndon, the Grammy-nominated Dove award-winning chart-topping country artist, joined Paul Cardall on his podcast All Heart with Paul Cardall to discuss the mental and emotional toll of life as an artist. 

    The ethos of All Heart is to celebrate the people who have contributed more to the music industry than just music, and Herndon was the perfect fit. 

    As friends in the industry, Herndon and Cardall candidly tackle subjects such as coping with isolation after years on the road, Ty Herndon’s Foundation For Love & Acceptance and his journey as one of the first major country artists to come out as gay, as well as his newest release “Orphans of God” which is a precursor to his upcoming rehashed Christmas album, Regifted.

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    Ty Herndon + Kristin Chenoweth, Paul Cardall release new duet, 'Orphans of God' 

    Fri, Oct 23rd 2020 05:55 pm 

    Available now, new single features award-winning pianist & composer Paul Cardall 

    Herndon’s new Christmas album, ‘Regifted,’ set for Nov. 27 release 

    Grammy nominated and Dove Award-winning recording artist Ty Herndon has released a duet with Emmy and Tony award-winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth, titled, “Orphans of God.” The single, which also features award-winning pianist and composer Paul Cardall on piano, will be featured on Herndon’s upcoming Christmas album, “Regifted,” set for release Friday, Nov. 27. Both the single and album are released via BFD/The Orchard. 

    “Orphans of God” can be heard here, while “Regifted” can be heard here. 

    “I’ve been wanting to record ‘Orphans of God’ for quite some time, and I’m so honored and humbled that it came together with my friends, Kristin Chenoweth and Paul Cardall, during this very difficult time in the life of our nation. It’s more important now than it has ever been before to remember that we are all created equally and that God loves us all just the same. I hope this song can be a beacon of hope to anyone who’s feeling lost, overwhelmed, or suffering in any way,” Herndon said. 

    Chenoweth said, "To sing with Ty Herndon was a dream. But to sing a song with lyrics that we both believe was so special. I hope as you listen to the song you hear the words and they speak to your heart.”

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    Paul Cardall, Like His Podcast Name States, is “All Heart” 


    From the beautiful music he composes, performs, and produces, to his philanthropic efforts, resilient spirit, and aptly named podcast, Paul Cardall is “All Heart.” Connecting with listeners around the world, the Dove-Award winner’s solely improvised album Peaceful Piano has over 2.4 billion streams, with 20 million streams a month in 160 countries. This month Paul is celebrating the launch of his new podcast All Heart with Paul Cardall, as part of the American Songwriter Podcast Network. Each episode features a deep-dive interview with an interesting artist, actor, director or personality about their passion and drive. Upcoming guests include Thompson Square, Tony Memmel, and Randall Foster.

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