40 Days in the Wilderness

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Jesus In The WildernessApr 14, 2015

Seth Adam Smith (Life Is Worth Living)

My friend, Paul Cardall, is a talented, best-selling musician with an incredible life story. He was born with congenital heart disease and lived for thirty years with half a heart until 2008 when it began to fail. After waiting for a heart for over a year, Paul miraculously received a heart transplant and has continued to produce beautiful music ever since (one of my personal favorites is New Life).

Paul recently released a moving album called 40 Hymns for Forty Days—a spiritual album focused on religious hymns. When I asked him about his motivation behind creating the album, this was what he wrote to me:

Scripture is replete with accounts of 40-day periods when God tested, transformed and changed individuals seeking His divine help. For example, 40 days of rain transformed the life of Noah and the world. Moses learned his purpose during 40 days on Mt. Sinai. Goliath’s 40-day challenge dramatically changed young David and the people of Israel. A single meal gave Elijah enough strength to travel 40 days to Horeb, where the ancient prophet learned that God speaks in a still small voice. Through the mouth of another prophet, God gave Ninevah 40 days to repent. Eventually, Jesus, after being baptized by John, journeyed into the wilderness where he fasted 40 days during a period of intense spiritual preparation and temptation. After the Savior’s glorious resurrection, He spent 40 days teaching his disciples eternal truths.

It is interesting that the account in Matthew and Mark of Jesus 40 day fast in the wilderness states the Lord wasn’t hungry until after he had ended his fast and overcome the temptations. I know for myself —when I fast I think about food. Why wouldn’t the Savior be hungry until after the fast? Because he was preparing for his ministry. He was about to embark on his divine purpose. He was thinking about you. He was thinking about me. He was thinking about his mission.

It is in this spirit that this album is presented. It is hoped these 40 Hymns for Forty Days will help you seek God more purposefully in your personal trials and search for meaning in your life. Use this music as you pray, meditate, study scripture, or in any environment where you want to feel His divine love and help.

While there is no singing, these forty piano compositions have the potential to quietly trumpet a subliminal doctrinal message of truth to the heart and minds of each listener familiar with these traditional hymns.

Ask anyone who knows me well and you will learn that there is rarely a moment when I’m not listening to audiobooks or music. Music expresses the inexpressible and I firmly believe that it is one of the primary ways that God communicates with His children. The music of Paul Cardall speaks to my soul and I believe that it’s divinely inspired.

Click here if you would like to learn more about the album OR click here to learn more about Paul Cardall.

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Gyrosity Projects Signs Paul Cardall For Artist Management

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Photo attached: Pictured (L-R): Garrison Snell, Paul Cardall. Photo: Paul Cardall/Instagram.

Photo attached: Pictured (L-R): Garrison Snell, Paul Cardall. Photo: Paul Cardall/Instagram.

Gyrosity Projects, led by founder/owner Garrison Snell, has formally signed an artist management deal with one of the top streaming artists, Paul Cardall. The Salt Lake City native, and recent Nashville transplant is completely independent, owning all of his publishing and master rights in a catalog of over 350 songs.

Cardall is a pianist, recognized by Billboard with three No. 1s for New Age Albums chart. He has over 2 billion lifetime streams on his catalog, 1.37 billion of that on Pandora alone, averaging 25 million streams on the internet radio platform each month. Gyrosity has been working with Cardall for the past few months after his albums all reached No. 1. A Christmas album is expected from Cardall in 2018.

Gyrosity expanded in to artist management, working various projects with LA-based producer and artist Mitchell Rose in the past few years. Gyrosity offers digital marketing services as well as growth services with it’s in-house streaming and influencer platforms, in addition to data and financial analysis.

Utah-based Record Label Stone Angel Music Reaching Global Audience

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Stone Angel Music, one of the top instrumental record labels in the United States, continues to reach an ever-larger audience worldwide with its latest releases from artists Shane Mickelsen and Paul Cardall, as well as its newest artist, Camille Nelson.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) April 12, 2017

According to Next Big Sound, Stone Angel Music’s catalogue of music has been played nearly 2 billion times on Pandora, Spotify, and other streaming services. In all, more than 25 million people are subscribed to the Utah-based label’s artists channels.

“We believe in producing music that enlightens the mind and edifies the soul,” said Paul Cardall, founder of Stone Angel Music, who is also a Steinway & Sons sponsored pianist with 21 full-length solo albums to his credit, and numerous additional albums as producer. All told, Cardall’s albums have spent more than 130 total weeks on the Billboard charts, an unmatched achievement in the industry for an independent artist.

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New Christmas Song Captures Mary’s Feelings at Christ’s Birth

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When #1 Billboard artist Paul Cardall was born, his parents were informed by cardiologists that their newborn son would die within hours due to a complex heart defect. But the baby, less than one day old, immediately underwent life-saving surgery, defying medical expectations.

In the years since his traumatic birth, Cardall has met thousands of patients and parents, particularly mothers, who were told that the child they carried in pregnancy would have heart complications and live a difficult life. These interactions and other experiences inspired Cardall’s new song, “Son of God.”

“I wanted to write a song about Jesus’s birth from His mother’s perspective considering the thoughts Mary would have had about her child’s future,” said Cardall who before he was recording artist, graduated from a four year seminary program and later received a certificate completing an additional 4 years of religious studies at the Salt Lake City Institute of Religion.

“The depth of what I am trying to convey in Son of God comes from Mary’s experience being visited by the Angel Gabriel who informed her she was blessed among women and would conceive not just any son, but Son of the Most High,” says Cardall. “During these months, I believe Mary came to know more than we sometimes give her credit for. Her family observed the sabbath and attended the synagogue. I believe she would have remembered or listened more intently to the prophecies of a Messiah read from the scrolls of scripture heard by all who attended the Synagogue.”

Today, children all over the world are born with complex congenital defects, and in most cases new mothers are informed their child might not survive into adulthood. In fact, congenital defects are discovered in utero using an ultra sound before pregnant women give birth. Cardall says, “In a way, I believe these mothers can relate to the dilemma Mary faced, knowing her son was unique and might live a shortened life.”

Cardall invited international Broadway star Patrice Tripoki to sing his words. Cardall’s powerful lyrics, sung by Tipoki, bring to mind the admiration and adoration felt by Mary for her baby, along with the weight of the ultimate burden He would bear for mankind.

The Son of God music video was filmed in London where Tipoki was rehearsing Fantine in Cameron Mackintosh’s New Production of Les Miserables that is finishing up this weekend in the brand new Dubai Opera.

“Son of God” appears on A New Creation, released September 16, 2016 by Stone Angel Music, featuring soloists Nathan Pacheco (Disney Pearl Records; Yanni Voices tour), Patrice Tipoki (Fantine, Les Miserables international Broadway tour), The American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic, American Heritage Youth Chorus and Stone Angel Music Orchestra under the direction of Shane Mickelsen. The album is distributed by CDBaby, Alliance Entertainment, and Deseret Book Distributors, and is also available on streaming internet radio.

About Stone Angel Music: Salt Lake City’s award winning independent record label was founded by #1 Billboard Pianist Paul Cardall in 1999. Other artists include pianist Jason Lyle Black, guitarist Ryan Tilby, composer Shane Mickelsen and pianist Ryan Stewart. Stone Angel also released two albums with cellist Steven Sharp Nelson prior to his joining Sony’s The Piano Guys. Stone Angel Music artists have spent over 45 weeks on Billboard charts in just the past year. Learn more:

Paul Cardall’s ‘A New Creation’ Debuts #1 on Billboard Charts

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October 28, 2016
by MusicNewsDesk

Paul Cardall’ s name may not be familiar to you, but the independent artist recently debuted for the third consecutive time on the top of the Billboard charts without any major label support. This is a remarkable accomplishment for an independent artist with only one assistant and yet one more accolade for Cardall’s success as an accomplished American pianist, composer, and producer.

A New Creation” debuted #1 on the Billboard New Age Chart ahead of new age legends Suzanne Ciani and Enya. Cardall’s album debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Classical album chart just short of Youtube mega-star Lindsey Stirling’s new album “Brave Enough”. In addition, “A New Creation” debuted #1 on Amazon and iTunes ahead of Sony Masterworks artists Lang Lang and The Piano Guys.

The release “A New Creation” comes shortly after Cardall has garnered more than 1 billion-that’s billion with a “b”-streams worldwide for his beautiful, healing music. On Pandora radio alone, Cardall averages 14 million regular listeners. This is nothing short of phenomenal for the pianist and his independent label, Stone Angel Music, which has just two employees responsible for releasing and promoting Cardall’s music.

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Paul Cardall’s new album features hymn co-written by Elder Bednar and spiritual themes

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A New Creation

Elder Bednar Writes New Song with Paul Cardall That Focuses on How the Savior Loves Us “One by One”

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by Daniel Wagner – LDSLiving

In 2014, shortly after Paul Cardall performed at the missionary department’s Fall social, Elder David A. Bednar pulled the pianist aside, asking if Cardall wanted to join him for a new project.

“He pulled me aside and mentioned he had a song in him but he didn’t know how to get it out and would I be interested in helping him,” Cardall shares. “He said, ‘You have to understand, I am one of the least musically inclined persons on earth.’ He was very humble and excited about the concept that had been in his heart for some years.”

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David Archuleta, Paul Cardall perform at humanitarian concert in Slovenia

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Paul Cardall with David Archuleta, May 13, 2016 (Ljubljana Opera House) Photography by Tim Johnson, Used by Permission

Paul Cardall with David Archuleta, May 13, 2016 (Ljubljana Opera House) Photography by Tim Johnson, Used by Permission

DESERET NEWS | Published: Monday, May 16 2016 4:48 p.m. MDT

Musical artists singer David Archuleta and pianist Paul Cardall performed Friday, May 13, in the Slovenian Opera Theatre at the invitation of the Slovenian Heart Foundation for the group’s sold-out 25th anniversary charity concert celebration.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was invited to partner with the foundation and find the entertainers for the event, the proceeds of which will benefit children and their families in times of illness.

Cardall, who is a heart transplant recipient, previously performed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last September as a guest of the Adriatic North Mission in partnership with St. James Catholic Church, to benefit the Slovenian Heart Foundation.

While in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Archuleta and Cardall toured the Pediatric Children’s Hospital and met with LDS Church missionaries.

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